Top 3 Cloud Computing Strategy for Business Tricks

Cloud Computing Strategy for Business

Top 3 Cloud Computing Strategy for Business Tricks

Many companies do not realise the potential benefits of working on a good cloud computing strategy for business, and the value it can add to a company’s efficiency and overall ability to expand and grow.

So we have put together a short list of cloud computing strategy for business tricks, which your company can benefit from should you be looking at utilising cloud based services now or in the future:

  1. Scalability

    In short, the ability to increase or decrease data storage capability as and when the business requires it. Old business models would require a capital purchase of equipment to cater for IT needs, whereas a cloud computing strategy for business enables you to upsize or downsize depending on the immediate need, saving unnecessary costs such as the purchase of new server hardware in the datacentre.

  2. Security

    Cloud computing offers robust security protection. Imagine your datacentre or office suffers from a power cut or natural disaster, your company cannot function for the days or even weeks it takes to rescue the damaged data, if at all.  This could seriously threaten your business survival.  In the cloud, your data can be spread across multiple servers in multiple locations, automatically moving between them should the need arise. So, in the event of a shut-down of a particular server for example, your data is NEVER unattainable, minimising the risk of data loss to virtually 0%

  3. Available from anywhere

    The benefit here is clear, you can access the same data from any device in the world, at any location, be it a construction site on your iPad, or a remote office in China, providing you have an internet connection you can securely access company data 24 hrs a day, and in today’s connected world, as part of your business cloud computing strategy, this is a must-have resource.


All companies should consider putting together a cloud computing strategy for business, with IT departments cutting budgets all the time, the number one solution for cost-effective data storage and accessibility is to look to the sky!

If you need any help with cloud computing strategy for business, a consultation to help you create one, or help migrating your legacy systems to the cloud, please don’t hesitate to call us, email us: or send us a message to see how we can help you out.

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