How to Find the Right Microsoft Azure Experts for Your Specific Cloud Computing Goals

How to Find the Right Microsoft Azure Experts for Your Specific Cloud Computing Goals

The way organizations store their data has changed dramatically since the creation of the first data storage system. From pre-stage flat file database systems to relational database systems. From a whole new technology called NoSQL and to what enterprises are currently using – The cloud.  Big IT Companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon are fighting to get ahead of each other and become the leader of the cloud market.

However, regardless of the cloud provider you chose to go with, you still require the services of cloud experts to migrate your applications and data to the cloud. Let’s consider you have decided to go with Microsoft Azure; the question arises How to find the right Microsoft Azure experts for your specific cloud computing goals?

Following is the list of things to look for when you are hiring Microsoft Azure experts:

What to look for in Microsoft Azure experts

With Thousands of companies providing services, the cloud market has become much like the menu of a fast food restaurant. So many options make it difficult to find the right one. Below are some of the things to look for to find the right Microsoft Azure experts.

1.     Cloud consultation

One of the qualities of good cloud services providers is the willingness to consult their clients. They must help their customers answer the questions such as what parts of the cloud will benefit them most. Which model will suit them best?  hybrid, private, public? What applications and resources do they need to migrate to the cloud? How much would the whole process cost them and what is the total cost of ownership?  Is the cloud secure enough to host their specific sets of data and applications?

2.     Assistance with the development of a business cloud strategy

A comprehensive and excellent business cloud strategy ensures the success of cloud migration and end user experience. Good cloud companies help you build a successful business cloud strategy. They conduct a comprehensive and accurate technical and business analysis to create a detailed business cloud strategy and, as standard, would happily recommend technologies, tools, and standards.

3.    Staffing and resources

Good companies hire certified people with exceptional skills and work with their clients in such a way that they become a part of their team. Getting the right resources at the right time is vitally important to build a cloud success story.

4.     Develop, Modify, and Migrate

Though all of the companies providing cloud services claim to be the best in the market, only a few have the experience and knowledge to consider themselves Microsoft Azure experts.  Planning is essential when starting your cloud project, a well refined high level project plan, with more detailed technical design and implementation plans are ket to ensuring a smooth migration process.

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