About Novacloud

…We’ve worked with companies like us!

Novacloud was founded with the longstanding values of the people that built it all up, in providing fantastic enterprise level consultancy and technical services for businesses of all sizes.  We’ve worked with a lot of service providers and companies.  We’ve been on your side of the fence as techies working with third party solution providers. We’ve worked with companies like our own. We know what you expect, and how to make sure you get exactly the right solution for your business.

We provide IT services and cloud solutions for businesses around Gloucestershire and the South West.  Based in Cheltenham, We’ve been helping SME’s to get the most out of the cloud for years.  We can assist you with cloud solutions such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure and AWS, providing support; consultancy and technical know-how. Let us help you up…

3 things we value:

IT Consultants

The services we provide to our customers will be first class, and of the highest professional quality.

Infrastructure Architect

We will always deliver exactly what has been promised, and more, in the most reliable and consistent manner.

IT Project Plan

We will be responsible. We will look after our clients systems and business processes as if they were our own, and we will strive to achieve the best possible outcome.

Need help with your cloud project?

We help you to get the right solution for your cloud environment, and move in the right direction towards your business goals. Our honed services allow you to:

Get onto Office 365, Azure and AWS safely and securely

We’ve helped many businesses move their IT infrastructure into the cloud, or build new systems within it, to facilitate company growth and increase reliability and security.


Reduce running costs and complexity

Cost effectively integrate your existing business systems along with new technologies, use less power and space, and make your environment more saleable and robust.


Optimise migrations and infrastructure

Successful user and business applications migrations are essential to keep your business running smoothly. Getting the correct IT resources with the necessary skills for the transition task is key.


Get the right tools for the job

Performing business applications and user migrations successfully is  essential to help keep your business running smoothly. Planning and empowering your IT department with the necessary tools for the transition task is key. We can supply these tools and train your IT staff to use them.