Novacloud on-demand, launching soon to complement Microsoft Windows 365

Novacloud on-demand, launching soon to complement Microsoft Windows 365

With the announcement this week from Microsoft at the Inspire partner conference regarding Windows 365 (Cloud PC), the future of Windows desktop computing could potentially be changed for ever, and given a new, more versatile home – in the cloud.


Windows 365, codenamed ‘Deschutes’, has been long awaited by many in the partner ecosystem. Novacloud got a sneak preview at the Inspire conference, and – with our main mantra being let’s simplify, we were more than happy with what we saw.


Windows 365 provides a significant change to the way in which desktops will be used in the future, allowing you to stream a familiar desktop to any device – Windows, Linux, Android, Mac – your hotel room TV, anything with an internet connection really. The problem previously was that the average SME would not need all of the extra infrastructure, nor could justify a budget for it. Whilst this will be made easier with Windows 365, there will still be the need to effectively manage VM image builds, software updates, security and general day-to-day administration. This is where Novacloud can help your business to effectively leverage the best Azure has to offer with very little effort.


In an exciting move, Novacloud will be releasing the first few services in its suite of Azure management tools known as Novacloud on-demand, at the same time as Microsoft releases Windows 365.  The platform will allow you to instantly access desktops and applications extremely quickly; build bespoke managed images for your various desktops, and build both Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 infrastructure in your own subscriptions at the click of a button.


The combination of Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 and Novacloud on-demand, will help to give your business the edge in the new world of desktop computing, and we cannot wait to share our platform so you can see the benefits for yourself.




Our new on-demand platform provides a secure, simplified, cost effective way to utilise Microsoft products such as Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365.


Setting up, managing and running some of the more complex services in the Azure catalogue can be difficult for SMEs and individuals.


You may have a restricted budget or lack the necessary resources or skills to fully benefit from the wealth of options that the Azure cloud can provide.


Novacloud on-demand simplifies all this by providing a pay-as-you-go platform based on a tokens system which you can subscribe to and top up when required.



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