How to use Cloud Strategy Consulting to Increase Profits for your Business

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How to use Cloud Strategy Consulting to Increase Profits for your Business

There’s no denying the allure that cloud based computing holds for businesses.  If you are on the fence about doing a big migration from traditional server hosts to a cloud based system, then we’ve created this guide just for you, to point out all the benefits that a proper cloud strategy can bring to your business, no matter what your needs may be online.

Physical burden

The cost of buying, maintaining hardware, and operating the software that comes with owning your own servers can be heavy for small business owners.  Cloud-based systems can automate many of the tedium that requires an IT specialist to run and understand.  Plus, in the cloud, you will not have to worry about replacing broken infrastructure.

Initial investment

A cloud strategy consulting group can help you break down what your total costs would be if you were to invest in your own software solution, get it configured, and installed.  When you go the cloud online route, you simply pay a monthly fee for accessing the service, leaving all the IT-side of things on their end.

Potential cloud ROI

Every business’ needs are different, so calculating how much and how fast your cloud strategy’s return on investment is all up to the scale of your computing needs and the size of your business portfolio.  A cloud strategy consultant can look at things like your cost-per-unit in regards to server needs, the time it takes to implement the software, and the cost for licensing of software.

All of this is laid out in very simple and digestible terms on the cloud platform.  You can see how much you are benefiting from the cost-per-unit saved and more via embedded tools on the cloud servers.  This feature becomes extremely helpful when it comes time to take your business to a bigger scale of operations, or vice-versa.

Taking that first step and escaping conventional business models can be tough, but with the help of a cloud strategy consultant, things being to look a lot more convincing once you realize the full potential of innovation and freedom from being on a cloud-based system.

Fun Facts

Still unconvinced?  Here are a few more facts about cloud computing and how it has changed the game.

  • Vast majority of start-ups take place on the cloud.
  • Cloud-based businesses reinvest capital more often into product research and development.
  • Freedom to scale a business makes risks less risky.
  • Testing and sharing of ideas on the cloud is much easier for global brands.
  • Cloud tools don’t require large, up-front purchases, can cancel if needed.
  • Services that are unneeded don’t need to be purchased, saving more upfront.
  • No IT staff to micromanage means less time and money wasted away from business.
  • No surprise hardware or software failures result in predictable overheads.
  • Cloud providers are good for advice and ideas on management.
  • The gap between small businesses and large corporations is no longer determined by access to tools, expensive hardware, and size of technical staff.


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