Website Hosting Payments

If you have been sent here to subscribe for webhosting at Novacloud, please select the package you require from the drop down menu below the text and click the subscribe button below.

Package Details:


Standard Hosting:

This includes monthly and weekly backups, basic security checks and unlimited monthly bandwidth to your site. If you choose this option and your site is hacked or compromised in any way, we will try to recover from a backup. It is your responsibility to keep your site updated and secure. We are not responsible for hacked sites under this plan. If you have a basic site without a CMS, this option is OK. If your site uses WordPress, you must ensure you check the site daily for security updates.


 Managed (WordPress) Hosting:

This includes backups and bandwidth as listed above, but we will also manage your website for the purposes of security, including all WordPress updates, and will provide best endeavours support for compromised sites where there has been a breach which is out of our control. If you have a site which uses WordPress or another CMS, we recommend this option as we will not take any responsibility for sites damaged through a security breach if you only have the standard hosting plan.


Hosting Options
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Microsoft Azure Services
Infrastructure Services
Office 365 Services
Microsoft staff and contractors

We’ve been helping businesses with Microsoft products for years. We’ve seen it all (well, most of it!). We know how difficult it is for your IT department on the front line. We know how businesses can react badly to IT changes. We know how much planning it takes to get implementation right.  Most importantly, we know what we’re doing, and what it’s like to be in the thick of it with a lot of decisions and technical steps to make. We’ve been doing this a long time. Let us help you up into the cloud with our Azure migrations services.

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