Azure Experts

Providing some of the UK’s most qualified Azure experts, we can help you with all aspects of your Microsoft cloud journey, from design and consulting, to supplying the staff to do the work.

Planning and moving applications and business services from your current infrastructure to the cloud can be tricky. We can assist you all the way with getting onto the Azure platform. We help small and medium businesses with: Consulting and advice, building infrastructure in the cloud, migrating your systems and supplying technical staff to work with you and make it all happen.


Contact us: 01242 323 757

Azure Optimisation

Improve Azure performance and lower costs: When you have completed the first stages of your cloud journey into Azure

Windows Virtual Desktop Solution

Get help with planning, design and build for Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop running in Azure: Windows Vir

Azure Innovation

Leverage Azure AI and data analytics solutions to drive growth and efficiency in your business: Working with Microso

Azure Migration

Choose a solution provider with the right experience to support and guide you on your Azure migration journey:  Wor

Azure Design and Build

Get the ideal Azure infrastructure in place ready for your migration to the cloud: Working with Microsoft’s Cl

Infrastructure Architect

Azure Adoption Planning

Get it right from the start with our Azure adoption planning solution: Working with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption

Our Azure experts can help you to streamline your deployments, and support you moving in the right direction towards your business goals.

Choose Novacloud’s Azure expertise

We’ve helped many businesses move their IT infrastructure into the cloud, or build new systems within it, to facilitate company growth and increase reliability and security.


Reduce running costs and complexity

Cost effectively integrate your existing business systems along with new technologies, use less power and space, and make your environment almost infinitely scalable.


Optimise Azure infrastructure

Getting Azure experts working alongside your IT department, with the necessary skills for the transition task is key, as is finding a trusted Microsoft service partner.


A UK wide Microsoft services partner

We provide automation services for Azure migrations to companies all over the UK, including London and Greater London. Also in the The Midlands and South West: including Nottingham, Bristol, Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Microsoft Azure Solutions
The value we offer lies in our expertise and collaborative, hands on approach

We provide Azure cloud services and solutions for businesses, public sector organisations and
educational institutions around the UK. We’ve been helping SME’s and
institutions to get the most out of the cloud for years. We can assist you with cloud solutions for the
Microsoft Azure platform, providing consultancy, infrastructure design and build services, migration
services and in-depth technical know-how. Our consulting services are delivered by seasoned
professionals who can answer any questions relating to the products in hand, and being a Microsoft
partner, we can offer up to 25% discount for some Azure and Microsoft 365 services.


We work with our clients to ensure that the maximum financial benefit can be attained by exploring
all possibilities in a logical manner using internationally accepted methods and tools. We always
take in to account the specific requirements of our client, as every project is unique and therefore
requires a solution or solutions tailored to the specific situation.


Novacloud’s consultants are experts in their field, with a track record of real delivery for clients.

We'll get on you on track with your Azure project, and help you move in the right direction towards your business goals.

Microsoft Azure platform project assurance

Delivery assurance comes through repeatable, reviewable processes, suitably qualified competent
people and high-quality tools. Novacloud works with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework to
ensure that the cloud solutions being provided are robust and supportable.

Reduce running costs and complexity

Cost effectively integrate your existing business systems along with new technologies, use less power and space, and make your environment more scalable and robust.


Choose Novacloud, a dedicated Azure platform solutions provider

Successful user and business applications migrations are essential to keep your business running smoothly. Finding the best partner with essential Azure knowledge and experience for the transition task is key.

We provide cloud solutions and consulting for businesses around London and the South West.  Based in Cheltenham, We’ve been helping SME’s to get the most out of the cloud for years.  We can assist you with Microsoft Azure and Office 365 solutions including Teams and Modern Workspace elements.