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Novacloud overview…

…We’ve worked with companies like us!

Novacloud was founded with the longstanding values of the people that built it all up, in providing fantastic enterprise level consultancy and technical services.  We’ve worked with a lot of service providers and companies.  We’ve been on your side of the fence as techies working with third party solution providers. We’ve worked with companies like us! We know what you expect, and how to make sure you get exactly the right solution for your business.

We’ve been helping businesses with Microsoft products for years. We’ve seen it all (well, most of it!). We know how difficult it is for your IT department on the front line. We know how businesses can react badly to IT changes. We know how much planning it takes to get implementation right.  Most importantly, we know what we’re doing, and what it’s like to be in the thick of it with a lot of decisions and technical steps to make. We’ve been doing this a long time. Let us help you up into the cloud…

3 things we value:

IT Consultants

We are primarily here to help you – in both business development and technological transformation.

Infrastructure Architect

We will always deliver exactly what has been promised.

IT Project Plan

We will be responsible. We will look after your systems and business process as if they were our own, but more importantly we will achieve the best outcome for your business.

Need help with your IT transformation?

We help you to get your Microsoft migration right, and move in the right direction towards your business goals. Our honed services allow you to:

Get onto Office 365 and Azure safely and securely

We’ve helped lot’s of business move their IT infrastructure into the cloud, or build new systems within it, to facilitate company growth and increase reliability and security.


Reduce cost and complexity

Cost effectively integrate your existing business systems along with new technologies, use less power and space, and make your environment almost infinitely scaleable


Optimise your existing and future infrastructure

Your existing systems and hardware need to be ready to transition nicely into their new home. Building your new environment and linking it to your existing one, and working together with us to do so, will ensure you have the best chance of success when it comes to making systems live for use by the business.


Get the right tools for the job

Performing business applications and user migrations successfully is  essential to help keep your business running smoothly. Planning and empowering your IT department with the necessary tools for the transition task is key. We can supply these tools and train your IT staff to use them.


+44 (0) 333 336 2819